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The Rainbow and the Flower: How Tamao and Shizuma see Nagisa

  Consider Tamao’s poem in the "Etoile" episode. She expresses a love for the rainbow, even though it is an ‘illusion," to express–as the president of the Poetry club explains–the painful feeling of unrequited love. We see here a foretelling of … Continue reading

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Strawberry Panic: Between Shizuma and Tamao

  While Shizuma’s attempts to dominate Nagisa are flamboyant and hard to miss, Tamao is no less intrusive. In fact the anime pairs these efforts in the second episode "Etoile." If Shizuma attempts to kiss Nagisa twice, so too does … Continue reading

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Wondering About Strawberry Panic

Why am I taken with it?   Strawberry Panic deliberately engages emotion. By inviting the viewer’s investment in the narrative, but delaying the romantic resolution until the conclusion, the series intensifies the viewer’s experience of romantic longing. Sometimes this effect … Continue reading

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